Bold Voices

Bold Voices

In a world where it is estimated it will take a hundred years to close the equality gap
between men and women, we need more effective methods of tackling gender inequality,
and we need them now.

At Bold Voices we believe the potential for an equal future lies in the hands of the young
generations; and we have made it our mission to equip them with the education that will
give them the greatest chance of succeeding. The continued pervasion of gender
inequality coupled with an increasing gender consciousness means that this education is
essential for young people today.

The education we provide is UK wide and takes the form of workshops, lectures and an elearning
platform where schools can develop an equality based education. We currently
work with teachers and pupils aged fifteen and above. Our education provides pupils and
teachers with three key areas;
– KNOWLEDGE about gender inequality
– CRITICAL skills to analyse gendered issues effectively
– COURAGE to speak out against inequality

The movement for women’s rights has come along way in a short period of time but today
we understand that in order to eradicate inequality entirely we need greater levels of
understanding about what gender inequality is, why it exists and how it is maintained. Bold
Voices hopes to provide this understanding and in doing so create a generation of gender
allies who will take their knowledge into their relationships, communities and future