Blooming Genius @ Genius Within CIC

Blooming Genius @ Genius Within CIC

Genius Within CIC is a social enterprise established in 2011 to help people with neurodiversity to fulfill their potential in employment and their careers.

Neurodiversity create strengths that can benefit workplaces and communities. We are working towards a future where all individuals with neurodiversity will be able to maximise their potential and work to their strengths; where those with problems in education, custody or at work receive the diagnosis, coaching and support that they need.

Our work with adults has shown that the right support often comes far too late. Over the past year, we have therefore welcomed Kit Messenger, former Head of a large Primary School and passionate campaigner for inclusion, to expand our support services to include those for under 18s.

Under Kit’s stewardship, our Blooming Genius offer incorporates services for a range of professional organisations working with young people and includes training for staff as well as direct work with young people.

These include:

Positive Assessment: cognitive exploration of strengths and how these relate to school, vocations and encouraging self-efficacy for children. Our new approach to assessment places the young person in the centre of understanding their cognitive strengths and difficulties. We provide clear, easy to understand information and practical recommendations to support the young person successfully in the classroom.

Strides Coaching Programme: a strategy coaching course supporting young people to become solution-focused and develop new ways to build on their strengths and successfully manage difficulties.

Inside out: a whole school approach to managing the cognitive causes of behavioural difficulties, equipping school staff with the skills to secure long-term, sustainable improvement.

Cascade:  coaching skills training; a course for Foster Carers and Adopters and professionals working in children’s services in managing children who have complex cognitive needs.

We are aware that many neurodiverse children operate under the radar of formal SEND services, either because they are camouflaging or because provision in their area is not available.  We want to offer alternative support that is positive, affordable and orientated towards practical guidance rather than assigning labels.  We want to empower children, their carers and their schools to learn at their best and feel safe.

Exclusion costs young people, families and society, and our services provide a new approach to supporting young people struggling in the classroom to prevent exclusion.

We want young people to be supported through coaching to:

  1. know and feel confident about their strengths
  2. use and build on their strengths in and out of the classroom
  3. understand their difficulties – and feel ok about these
  4. Work out and develop the skills, strategies and scaffolds to manage their difficulties successfully
  5. recognise and be able to communicate their needs confidently and positively when they aren’t being met

We want to deliver Assessment reports that:

  • everyone can understand – most importantly the young person.
  • clearly focus on strengths – not just difficulties.
  • clearly explain and unpick key difficulties – say
  • what this will mean in the classroom/for learning.
  • provide clear, practical advice on making the
  • most of strengths.
  • provide clear, practical strategies for better managing difficulties.
  • quick turnarounds so young people can receive the right support quickly.

We provide direct support to young people and to the adult supporters around them, ensuring impact now and into the future.

Positive Assessments for any young person aged 7+ available now for £295 +VAT