Beech Lodge School

Fagus is a unique educational resource which provides a system for schools to support, measure and review children’s social and emotional development.  It was created at the innovative attachment-focused Beech Lodge School in Berkshire (Fagus is the Latin word for beech tree), where the majority of children have behavioural challenges associated with developmental trauma and attachment-related difficulties.


The Fagus toolkit consists of 13 printed developmental guides, each one relating to a social and emotional domain, and supporting online tools including developmental checklists, profiles and goal attainment records which can be used to establish a child’s current level of development, set goals and monitor progress over time.


Fagus helps teachers understand complex pupil behaviour, clarify a child’s specific weakness in their social and emotional development and apply goals and plans and focus interventions.  With use of the Fagus toolkit, schools have observed positive changes in their pupils’ behaviour as well as improvements in their emotional well-being and learning outcomes.


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