Bedrock Learning

Bedrock Learning

Bedrock Vocabulary is an online programme which teaches the aspirational, academic vocabulary students need to succeed in school. By explicitly teaching this vocabulary, we are helping schools to overcome one of the most significant barriers to learning.

Bedrock Learning launched in 2015, after a lengthy period of research and development by two English teachers, Olivia Sumpter and Aaron Leary. 90,000 students around the world are now benefiting from this digital solution to a persistent problem. Our priority has always been to ensure we are affordable for schools and can offer a long-term solution, not a quick fix.

Whilst teachers certainly understand the benefits of a wide vocabulary, the pressures of school life often mean that vocabulary teaching in our classrooms is neither frequent nor consistent.

Our ready-made vocabulary curriculum helps schools solve this problem. Bedrock Vocabulary teaches hundreds of tier 2 words and task words, preparing students for the type of language they meet in academic texts. Learning vocabulary in an authentic context is vital and so all new language is woven in to original fiction and non-fiction texts. Every digital lesson includes reading comprehension activities, ensuring students regularly read and engage with high quality prose. Our curriculum is fully interactive; students engage with new language in a range of multi-modal activities and games.

Progress is rigorously assessed, and we provide word level data for individual students, classes, groups and the whole school, facilitating data driven teaching. Bedrock also enables parents to engage with the language learning of their children.

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